13 May

Salvo’s on fire!

Sometimes in sport magic really happens.
Leicester winning the premiership title.
F.c. Internazionale winning something (once every 40 years).
Well, here at the Old Fire Station it’s happening something really unique.
Our beloved Salvo, after the incredible winning of the pool tournament last night, it’s holding all the major titles here at the Ofs.
It’s now champion of Fussball, Ping Pong, Beer Pong and Pool! (and Australia day too…)
An incredible achievement.
Last night, during the celebrations for his victory, he said: “I am now going to seclude myself on a small island with my friend Olli. I want to learn everything about Fifa 16 and become the winner of time, space and everything”.
He was spotted few hours later on Bathers Bay try to walk on the water and teaching birds and fish how to speak italian.
If anyone has news of him please report at the reception of OFS.
Well done Salvo!

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