27 Aug

BEST Places to Work in Australia

For those not in the know, I first arrived in Australia, almost 3 years ago now, on my working holiday visa (WHV).

This great visa is available to people aged under 30 from many different countries. The reason being that this incredible visa allows holders to come and work temporarily in Australia while they travel.

Initially lasting just 1 year, although it can be extended (learn how to get your second year Australian working holiday visa), the WHV provides a way for travellers to financially support their adventures in this vast island.

Being able to work in Australia is a massive advantage when it comes to exploring the land Down Under.

I’ve done my fair share on wandering and working in this great country (in fact I’m about to do even more via a mega Australian road trip) and have seen a lot of good and not so good places.

In the spirit of sharing therefore, here are the 13 best places for backpackers to work in Australia.


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