Meet Our Staff

Riccardo Quadrelli

Part owner, full time manager

Riccardo is part owner and the full time manager of the mighty OFS establishment. Hailing originally from Italy, Riccardo first checked in at the Old Fire Station as a guest on 22 May 2006! Riccardo lives and breathes the Old Fire Station. He is 300% super excited about everything to do with the hostel and works with incredible energy to make it the amazing place it is. He also knows Fremantle better than any local and can tell you about every pub, restaurant and cafe in town!

He is very competitive and can usually be found on the football pitch training with his beloved OFS football team, playing ping pong, engrossed in a FIFA tournament or wrangling with someone at the foosball table . His amazing head of thick black curls distinguishes him, bouncing and darting around the hostel as Riccardo tends to all matters and maintenance issues.

So, be quick if you want to catch him! Riccardo is a storyteller par excellence. Ask him about the myriad of stories over the past 10 years at OFS; he has his own very unique style!

Oliver Sandow (Olli)

Hostel manager

Olli is the IT guru at OFS. His hometown is Frankfurt in Germany and he first checked in to the Old Fire Station on 15 August 2010.

Olli loves to solve technical issues. So, if you need any help with your technology or WiFi issues, Olli is your go-to guy! He also has a sound knowledge of the Australian Tax system and can help you lodge those tricky tax returns.

Football passion is alive and well at OFS, with both Olli and Riccardo leading a team made up of hostel guests. They train together every week and play fiercely competitive matches. Recently Olli and his team were seen wandering the streets of Fremantle in their jocks after the Australia Day football knockout comp!

Salvo Pellegrino

Hostel manager

Stefano is our resident artist and Grand Quiz Master Extraordinaire. He grew up in Vimercate, a small city in the north of Italy and first arrived on the OFS doorstep and checked in on 28 July 2011.

Every morning Stefano delights the guests with his unforgettable whiteboards and his energy is legendary. Sometimes hard to find, he’s “everywhere and nowhere” tending to things all over the hostel with great enthusiasm.

One of Stefano’s quiz nights is an experience not to be missed. Stefano is a showman; he loves the microphone in the office (you’ll know when he’s on duty for sure) and he has killer dance moves, which he is not afraid to use!

Lucas Barbosa

Hostel manager

Salvo is Italian but has a thing for being called Sicilian, so we humour him! He is from Tre Fontane on the far east coast of Sicily and speaks fluent Italian. His English is coming along well now too, which is a bonus for us all. Salvo arrived in June 2012.

Salvo is very organised and likes things to be tidy. This is great as he leaves the office ‘ just so’ after his shifts! He really likes to help everyone and nothing is any trouble. He does everything with a smile and has been known to play very annoying songs over the PA system as well as insist on wearing his Speedos at any opportunity.

Also a passionate footballer, Salvo plays for the local team, Fremantle United. When he comes to play for OFS we strongly recommend all players wear their thickest shinpads!

Sanna Greneby

Director of Cleaning Services

Ah! Priscilla, the hostel mumma! Priscilla (originally from Norway) has been with the OFS family for over 10 years and is a nurturing spirit.

Priscilla does everything she can to make the hostel home for everyone who stays, even bringing in her homemade cakes and waffles. Of course, everyone loves Priscilla; she is so very warm and funny and her laugh can be heard all over the hostel. Priscilla manages and trains the cleaning team and if you make something dirty just after she’ s cleaned it… watch out!

Tess Luck

Hostel Joker

Tanja is our hostel joker! An excellent cleaner when called to substitute Priscilla and a hyper professional receptionist when Olli is busy playing playstation, Stefano is carving furniture with wooden pallets and Salvo is day tripping to Bali… She is very helpful with backpackers looking for a job. She organises a porter service for the big cruise ships coming to Fremantle. As all super heroes, she has her very own kryptonite: SPIDERS. No matter what… if a spider is in a 15km radius of the hostel you will hear her screams. Tanja arrived in Fremantle to stay just a couple of nights (as have many of us OFSers ) but ended up staying forever. Even if she is always poshly dressed she is a true OFS character inside!

Sara Veronica Russo

Priscilla Andersen