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31 Aug

Ofs T-shirt around the world…

As we promised… OFS t-shirt competition keep going. Here one of two legendary OFS character… Gary Henhoeffer and the beautiful Sarah Dreads, one of the most beautiful soul that ever passed through our backpackers. We are so happy to see you shining on the...
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28 Aug

Ping Pong Tournament

PING PONG TOURNAMENT! Here we are, last monday of the month. Are you ready to challenge Andrea and get the eternal glory? We’ll see you Monday… Check the flyer for details… Only at @ Old Fire Station Backpackers
9 Aug

Congratulations Andrea!!! Yalla!

You finally did it mate! Ping pong champion after many attempts. You had the support of the crowd and you pleased it! Very well done Andrea! And very well played. You will have to defend your title now…
5 Aug

Our t-shirt around the world

The challenge is still on… Best picture worldwide wearing the magic OFS t-shirt! Here our 2 incredible legends Leanne Smith and Gabriela O’Celebrone stealing drinks and shots to Malaysian Mermaids. Well done girls! You definitely are on the podium atm!
31 Jul

Ping Pong Tournament

Are you ready for the battle tonight? OFS PING PONG TOURNAMENT We’ll be stronger than the wind! (or maybe we’ll just play inside…) We will start at 19.30 in the quiet area. Also remember it’s curry night!!! Run to the office and...
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